Annuals & Perennials

ANNUALS - Annual plants complete their life cycle in one growing season, typically Spring to Fall. They sprout from seeds and grow to Flowers that produce new seeds. When properly taken care of, these seeds can be planted the next year. Annuals usually die after the first frost of Fall. The benefits of Annual plants are many. The Blooms provide more color, they are often more vibrant and longer lasting so they can attract as many pollinators as possible to reproduce before the season ends. They fill in gaps and grow fairly quickly. Many bloom all summer long. They are less expensive than most Perennials and they are more versatile and need less care.

BIENNIALS - Biennials are plants which grow two seasons before setting seeds and dying. A beautiful example of a Biennial would be a Foxglove.

PERENNIALS - Perennials are plants which live more than two years. They remain in the ground year after year. Once established, they need minimal upkeep. As their roots spread and increase, they need less watering and fertilizing. Many Perennials will spread and fill up the landscape providing more and more color each year. They can often last a life time.

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